winter shoot on the banks..

…on a chilly day in january , I was invited to contribute my skills to  put together a shoot in which to showcase what the outer banks has to offer during the colder months. these photos are just a glimpse of what turned out to be a gorgeous culmination of talent available year round. chelsea’s hair color was inspired by the inside of an oyster shell & is one of my favorites to date.  here you can see it showcased in such detail by sarah d’amabra photography.


amaranth & artifact : furniture, trellis & design

honeysuckle events : floral & design

hatteras saltworks : sea salt favors

nafzger forge knives : hand forged knives

mary john ventre : rings

trio outer banks : cheese selections

heart of harlow : invitations & bouquet ribbon

ocean boulevard bistro & martini bar : locally inspired menu

sanctuary vineyards : wine

salt hair :  hair coloring & styling of bride & groom

.. its all in the details

I will posting some new shots from our shoot a few weeks back. special thanks go out to roy edlund (photographer extraordinar ) & my lovely models/goddesses kaylan watson , brittany szala weber & stephanie quinn kramlik.

meet panda..

welcome! please call me panda, all my friends do!

salt hair opened its doors in december of 2016 , 11 years into my career as a hair stylist.  this is a single chair salon, meaning I am your receptionist, stylist, cashier, consultant & all around do-er of hair things. opening this space presented some new challenges that enabled me to practice my not so strong suit of patience. in the end though, every bit of worry, hang wringing, fist shaking , floor sanding, wall painting & chasing down of contactors was worth it.

i am a mother to Murdoch, my one & only heathen & tiny dictator of my heart. i came to the obx  on a journey to reduce the amount of things i own in order to experience a more authentic life. by cutting the size of our in home in a literal 1/4 & getting rid of 80% of things that were owning me instead of vice versa that goal is in a continual state of growth.  travel is high on the priority list as well as gathering meaningful experiences instead of working non stop to buy useless things.

as i mentioned above, 2016 was my 11th year practicing the art of cosmetology & i continue to strive to gain knowledge in my field. continuing education is very important to me & thus far i have traveled all over the us & into mexico in pursuit of that knowledge. i love returning inspired & on fire to keep pushing the envelope. whether you are channeling your inner rainbow bright, jessica rabbit, patti mayonnaise or rapunzal, i shall keep your locks fresh & cared for. from mermaid to classic natural beauty, i will educate you on home hair care & day to day styling.

i am also a fire dancer, wanna be surfer & lover of all things sea related. i am an adventure junkie & seek out well prepared, fresh food.

want to know more? consultations are free & encouraged!

with love & no split ends,